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New Delhi Restaurants

New Delhi is the most visited cities of India, and therefore it offers a wide concoction of foods ranging from local delicacies to continental and fast food.

Folks of Delhi are fond of eating spicy and lip-smacking food and that shows in the cuisine they offer.

Subsequently, restaurants in New Delhi offer every kind of traditional foods like Cholle Bhature, Rajma and Rice, spicy chaat and Samosa. However, in recent times, the culture of dining out has increased four-folds and today the city is regarded as the hub of restaurants.

In addition to the growing demands on the locals, the ever-increasing flocks of tourists require good eating joints that serve quality and hygienic food. Even if your budget is limited, you can enjoy every taste of the Delhi’s cuisine.

Types of Restaurants:

Restaurants in New Delhi are broadly classified into standalone restaurants and restaurants that belong to a hotel. Irrespective of the kind, most of them serve to New Delhi vegetarian restaurants and New Delhi non-vegetarian restaurants.

This means that both vegetarians and meat-eating people are welcomed in the dining area of most of Delhi restaurants.

Family restaurants in New Delhi have sprung in every nook and corner of the city. Here individuals with their families can dine together in an exotic ambience. Both finger-licking food and babble of conversations are the main attractions of the family restaurants in New Delhi.

These restaurants in New Delhi re Amongst the There are many popular restaurants in Delhi which are housed in well known hotels. These restaurants offer very good quality food as they have to live up to the traditions of their hotel brand they are part of.

The service quality is very e good here. However, prices are more here as compared to other restaurants.

What to eat and where:

When in Delhi, you can eat variety of cuisines pouring in from across the globe. With extensive menus catering to unique and sensitive tastes, while maintaining the aesthetic sensibility is the core of the Delhi’s menu.


You can gorge on Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Persian, Lebanese, Continental, Japanese and the list runs endless. Undoubtedly, Delhi is an assortment of gastronomy.

It is advised that prior to visiting Delhi, search the Internet for a wide range of dining options including pubs and bars in Delhi, lest you may miss out on some unique and long-established restaurants hiding in the corner of the city.


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