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Jodhpur Tourist Attractions

Jodhpur, is 2nd largest city of Rajasthan state, draws millions of tourists annually. Situated at the western border of India, Jodhpur is popular for its beautiful palaces and charming forts.


Being located at the corner of desert thar, it has standard dry and hot desert like climate.


The best months to visit Jodhpur tourist attractions are from November to March.

What to visit here: Attractions in Jodhpur India offers exquisite forts and palaces that leaves the travellers’ simply mesmerized.

Mehrangarh Fort is the top-most spot on the list of Jodhpur tourist attractions. It is a huge fort located at the core of the city. It was constructed by Maharaja Man Singh, and is an example of army capacity of the Rajput clan.


Situated over an space of five kilometres at a height of one hundred and twenty five meters, the fort displays strategically placed cannons. Several thousand visitors come to this fort annually to take glance of war system of Rajput army men.


The top view of the city from the fort is outstanding.

Umaaid Bhaawan is the only palace that was built in twentieth century that was made to provide jobs to famine stricken people and citizens of Jodhpur. constructed from sandstone, it was completed in sixteen years.


This beautiful fort is currently the place of residence of old rulers, with its one portion running as hotel and other is being served as museum.

Jaswant Thade is yet another glorious tourist attractions in Jodhpur. It is a place that was constructed in the loving memory of Mahaaraja Jaswaant II in 1899. It is said, that he drenched in injuries during hand to hand encounter with Jahangir a Mughal king.

Other tourist attractions in Jodhpur include Mandar Garden and Sardar and giridkot market s. Rishi mandu’s ashram is mander garden, and the gate is commonly called as ajit gate, which has a designs and sketches of god and goddess of Hindu religion.

Meanwhile, Sardar and giridkot market offer a wide range of handicrafts. These markets are situated at the centre of the town.

Nearby Tourist destinations:

The nearby Jodhpur tourist attractions include Lake Balsamand and park, which is located at a distance of 3.5 km from the city. Built in 1159 AD, this artificial lake is a best place for tours and picnics.

The Temple Mahamandir located at a distance of nine kilometres is another place to see and visit.


It was constructed in 1812 and it has eighty four designed pillars with brilliant architecture and stone cutwork.

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